What to do once you’ve tried it all

Hey buddy,

You’ve probably tried everything when it comes to fitness.

1) Eat less, move more

2) Do cardio (fasted OMG!!)

3) Detox 

4) Join a Crossfit gym

5) Amputate a limb

… Right?

And some of it is OK advice. If you can stick to it.

But here’s the thing:

For every guru sayin’ this is all it takes…

… you’ve got, what, like millions of people who got nowhere trying any or all of it?

We do have an obesity epidemic after all.

So what gives?

I’ll tell ya…

The difference between those who make it and those who fail, rinse and repeat…

Usually comes down to one of 4 things:

1) Information overload. There’s too much info consumption, not enough action.

2) No wiggle room. Your diet will fail without room for failure, if you feel me?

3) Eating wrong for your genetics. Find the right diet for your genetic blueprint, not that juiced up bodybuilder’s.

4) Accountability. If it’s only you in the fight, I promise your brain will sabotage you at every turn.

Any of that sound familiar?

If so, I’m glad you’re reading this.

I help average people simplify fitness and get results.

Just what your email inbox needs, right? 

… Another guy claiming his approach to fitness is the ONLY way.

Look, I get it.

You need another diet strategy like I need a swift kick to the gonads.

(Not very badly.)

Lucky for you, I don’t have one.

What I do have, however, is a smarter, simpler, speedier approach to getting the results you want… even if you’ve tried it all in the past.

And since there’s zero chance you believe me, how ‘bout I just show you?

I’m doing a free, private video streaming Wednesday night that reveals:

> How I got chubby eating boring chicken and broccoli and lean with a weekly 5 Guys burger and fries.

> How to spend less time in the gym with better results (than I ever did going 6 times a week)

> How to find the right approach to eating, even if you have ‘bad’ genes.

> And much more.

Don’t worry:

I won’t yap about how important I am or who I’ve worked with or why my coaching program is all the rage.

(I promise.)

This is all about YOU.

Tap the link to register and join me on the live video.

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