What Purple Kale, Richard Simmons & Hippies Can Teach You About Weight Loss

I was wrong.

When I first became a coach, I thought every client would instantly buy in and find the passion for exercise and health to the same level I was at.

“OMG, is that purple kale from Australia? AWESOME!”

But, frankly, I was the weird one.

Because I completely forgot where I came from.

13 years ago, the gym was this foreign meat market with wall to ceiling windows and ripped dudes and hot chicks.

A diet was something Richard Simmons and hippies preached about (OK, I’m not that old) and certainly nothing I wanted to get myself into.

I was scared to go to the gym.

I was scared to face reality.

I was scared to get my shit handled because change is hard and my comfort zone was safe.

And there was good reason for that. This is NOT easy.

In fact, the first 6-12 months will be a terrible grind, especially if you’re starting from ground zero.

But if you break through and come out on the other side? Awesomeness ensues, I promise you that.

Higher metabolic rate, more energy and confidence, little black dresses, Borat speedos, all while living a lifestyle with fitness as just ONE component. 4% of your day.

I have this client, we’ll call her Trista (because it rhymes with her real name) who’s been working with me for a couple months.

She’s made a TON of progress, seems to have the healthy eating part down, is reading nutritional labels and preparing quality food, has lost weight, but is frustrated that she can’t consistently get in the gym on her own when we aren’t scheduled for in person workouts.

But that’s OK!

Going from 0-60 MPH out of the gates is not realistic. 0-20 after a month? Good. That’s progress.

You’ll get results from the minimum effective dose in the early going. So build one good habit at a time and see the long term vision for yourself to keep you focused and on track.

I’ve had enough clients to know this by now. Not everyone comes to me at 60 MPH ready for purple Kale and cluster sets – some are just at the starting line or in the middle of the race going in circles.

That’s why there’s no one size fits all program. Nor is it just about getting lean so you have before/after pictures to show off (only to balloon up to your starting weight when you start eating again).

My programs never eliminate whole nutrient groups like carbs, fats, dairy or (GASP) gluten. My programs are setup to optimize hormonal and overall health, avoiding starvation and rebound dieting. My programs provide weight training plans that work for you, whether you like the gym or prefer the confines of your own home. Yes, you’re going to have to sweat at some point.

It’s not sexy, nor does it satisfy a need for instant gratification, but it flat out gets the job done.

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Watch the video where I talk about what I typed above… if that’s what you prefer.

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Posted by Calvert Fitness on Wednesday, October 14, 2015



Mitch Calvert is a Winnipeg-based fitness coach for men and women like his former self. Heavyset in his 20s, he lost 60 pounds and now helps clients find their spark and lose the weight for life.