My wife and I recently decided to see what all the hype was about at Winnipeg’s new spa retreat, Thermea (not to be confused with hypothermia, which, thankfully, you’re at very low risk of catching here). Wow, what an experience. Here’s my Thermea Winnipeg review… Right from the front desk staff to the cleanliness of …

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My Top 10 Foods

One of my avid followers (hi, dad) asked for this, and I vowed to deliver, so here is my list of top 10 food recommendations. Grass-fed beef: I’m such a believer in this I started a food truck around the concept. Gotta be No. l in my book. Free range or omega 3 eggs: Preferably …

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Recovery = Results

If you’re in pursuit of muscle gain or body recomposition, logically the more you can exercise without running into setbacks (in the form of injury, illness or muscle fatigue) the better your results will be. But there’s a fine line between working hard enough to see results and ultimately going too far, into the vortex …

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