Finding Motivation

You’ve probably joined a gym, bought a treadmill or Bowflex, or started a diet on “Monday” at some point in your life up to this point—but if your gym membership went unused, that Bowflex doubles as a clothes rack and you plan to start that diet “next” Monday—you’re not alone. But fear not, if you …

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Isolate the Lats

Here’s a variation of a “suitcase row” John Meadows demonstrates in this video Using the smith machine, set up parallel to the bar with the weight stack behind you and pull up, much the way you’d do single arm DB rows. I pyramid up in weight (add a plate each set) for 4-5 sets of …

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Pre-workout meal

Here it is in all its glory…                What is all that slush you say? 1/2c (raw measured) oats, 3/4c Liberte greek yogurt mixed with 1 scoop Kaizen Whey Isolate and a tsp of EV coconut oil to slow absorption. Steady energy levels to fuel the workout! And it tastes deceptively good, too. 🙂