How To Be Super Dad (At Home And In Health)

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Your career is blooming, you’ve got a house, family and white picket fence.

Life is good.

But something’s not right.

You shouldn’t feel as old as you do.

I get it, your time is limited and you can’t spend 2 hours at the gym every day.

You have dogs to feed, kids to run to 12 practices a week and reality TV to binge watch with the wife.

But, here’s the deal…

There’s a way to have your cake and get lean, too.

The people that know how to get and maintain an awesome physique aren’t spending hours in the gym…

The people that know how to get and maintain an awesome physique simply work SMARTER, not HARDER.

Remember those past efforts to get in shape? You won’t be working any harder, but instead you’ll be working in smarter ways that maximize your results.

Are You Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired? Getting Older Doesn’t Need To Suck.

Take Jordan, who was sick and tired of the same old and took action to help him get unstuck. A full-time career, family and financial responsibilities took him from a former football star in high school to the out of shape, tired version you see below. But the guy lost more than 50 lbs in 3 months and added considerable muscle (his 365 lb squat was a testament to that) just by following my done-for-you program detailed below.

I had just gotten a new gym membership and was trying to lose some weight on my own for the hundredth time. I knew I would probably fail on my own like had in the past so I took a chance and signed up for Mitch’s Mansformation. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The program provided the support system and knowledge base that I had been lacking in my past weight loss attempts and because of that I was able to stay on track. I am now confident and committed to a permanent lifestyle change and I have Mitch to thank for getting me started down that road.
– Jordan R.

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So, let’s take stock of where you’re at…

Be honest.

Are your t-shirts a lot tighter in the wrong areas?

Are your loose fitting jeans now defined as ‘skinny’ because of the way they fit you?

Do your love handles make it look like you’ve got an inner tube around your waist?

Not good.

For some reason, as you age you “accept” the way things are.

Your beer gut. Your lack of energy and vitality. Your diminished sex drive.

But here’s the cool thing… You can either feel sorry for yourself and continue down the wrong path, or decide to make a change.

Here’s How To Reclaim Your Former Glory And Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life
(While Juggling A Busy Career & Family Life)

Here’s a 4 Step Cheat Sheet to help you find clarity TODAY:

Time Management– Life can quickly feel out of balance when you have a new little one around, a busy career and house maintenance (Maybe IKEA furniture to assemble… that’s the worst). Those who can balance work, family and getting sexy make lists and make plans on the daily.

You can take hints from the woman in your life and make planning a higher priority.  Own your day. Get up earlier than the rest of the house and map out your highest priorities on a notebook. Plan some things selfishly (like getting in a workout), but making plans with the lady in your life and planning with your family in mind, while still prioritizing your job.

Schedule in your most important tasks first thing and check things off as you go. For good reading material on this topic, read The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.

Fitness –  Let’s be honest, getting a workout in as a dad can be a serious challenge.  You can get up an hour earlier, you can skip lunch and workout instead, or you can sacrifice evening hours that would otherwise be spent with your family.  But here’s the thing: workouts that last for hours are NOT necessary.  A better option, is a shorter, harder workout that includes interval training.

I’ve developed a program that still focuses on gaining or maintaining muscle while dropping fat (which most at-home bodyweight workouts aren’t ideal for) and it involves short workouts that maximize muscle and fat loss. Comprised of super sets (not exactly like they’re usually prescribed) and cinco sets, this training kicks butt and accomplishes the best of both worlds. No more long sessions on the treadmill after long sessions of weights. Need help getting started? Apply for coaching

Nutrition –  Many men are a lot healthier before bringing kids into the world. A lack of time to exercise, increased consumption of takeaway meals and sleepless nights are said to be to blame as pressures mount on the ‘modern dad.’  On average, men are gaining 14-21 pounds following the arrival of the new baby.

But just like you need to prioritize your daily tasks, planning ahead with your nutrition is key to getting that part of your life handled. My programs emphasize a modified version of Intermittent Fasting (full on fasting increases cortisol and just adds to the stress of it all… we don’t want that), which means less time in the kitchen, less chicken and broccoli prep and more fat loss results. In order to gain control we need to monitor and model a better diet. Besides, keeping our family’s health in mind can be the greatest motivation to eat better, so it’ll be easy to parlay your new habits to your family dinners. Need help getting started? Apply for coaching

Hormonal Optimization – As men enter their 30s and 40s, profound hormonal changes begin to take place. If not addressed, these changes can lead to decreased energy and diminished zest for life, loss of muscle mass and an increase in body fat, circulatory problems that lead to heart disease and reduced libido and a steadily enlarging prostate. Job and family stressors just make things worse.

But you can reduce the damage by OPTIMIZING your nutrition, exercising regularly (not jogging), and following these 10 natural steps to boost testosterone

If you aren’t feeling yourself as you age, check out my free cheat sheet, providing a blueprint for you to boost your testosterone naturally.

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My clients have lost more than 1,500 pounds (mostly fat) in 2015.

BTW, I’m looking for 4 men to take part in my upcoming Mansformation Challenge online personal training program.

If you want to:
• Look better naked
• Shred body fat and reveal muscle you never knew you had
• Have more confidence and energy at work and at home….

Then this is for you.

Complete the application here: and I’ll be in touch if you meet the requirements.

Do you want in on the action? Fill out an application here and apply.

Watch the highlight reel of my client testimonials here:

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Mitch Calvert is a Winnipeg-based fitness coach for men and women like his former self. Heavyset in his 20s, he lost 60 pounds and now helps clients find their spark and lose the weight for life.