Stop Failure In Its Tracks (3 Tips To Help You Do That)

Are you tired of stopping and starting over? Maybe you’ve tried losing weight before – only to get stuck shortly after starting?

If you want to change your life (in ANY area), you need to change your habits.

How do you do that? Here are three tips to prevent failure.

1. Start small. This works best when you limit yourself to working on one habit at a time. If you focus on just one new habit, they’ll become second nature. Start with just 10 minutes of exercise each day and only progress up from there when 10 minutes is a part of your routine.

2. In order to make sure your motivation doesn’t slip away, you should tell others about your plans. Human beings are far too willing to quit – unless they’ve told others about their goal and will be called out for their (lack of) effort.

3. Make your goals small and manageable so you don’t get discouraged. Have a BIG goal in mind, but set small incremental goals along the way and reward yourself when you reach them.

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