Socials, Sephora and Slimming Down

Wedding socials, like the one pictured above, are an institution to themselves in the province I live in.

If you’ve grown up in Manitoba, you’ve been to more than your fair share of these, and I’m sure the premise exists elsewhere – just goes by some other name – wherever you may live.

Essentially, your friend hits you up for time and money in exchange for the pleasure of sitting in some dimly-lit community centre listening to 80s rock and the chance to win some assortment of crap you don’t need.

I happened upon one on Saturday with my younger bro. He has a knack for winning prizes EVERY TIME at these things.

Sure enough, when it came time for the door prize draw, he came out the WINNER.

It so happened to be a Sephora make-up gift basket, so not the coolest thing in the world but a good haul for the wife nonetheless.

But, you know why he routinely wins shit? He’s an action taker. He’s not afraid to put a little skin in the game, knowing the REWARD will be more often than not worth the RISK.

Come to think of it, he went big with the $40 ticket roll while I settled for the mid-range $20 option.

My instinct is to dip a toe in the water, while he cannonballs in there off a 10-foot diving board.

I should know better, but it’s a constant battle internally for me. I know action takers WIN at life, and every time I’ve taken action I’ve seen rewards, but my first instinct is the opposite and always has been.

Life gives you opportunities to take ACTION.

But they’re limited time offers.

If you sit on your hands, that’s the worst kind of failure. Whereas even if you try and fail, you’ll learn a lesson and be better off for it. You can’t WIN if you don’t TRY (I’m selling this to Hallmark so soak it in now before it costs money to use it)

Action takers get results. Action takers “get lucky”. Action takers WIN.

Your weight is 100% controllable by you – if you’re willing to take action.

But until you commit to your fitness, the reward of renewed self confidence and a body you can be proud of will not magically fall in your lap.

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Mitch Calvert is a Winnipeg-based fitness coach for men and women like his former self. Heavyset in his 20s, he lost 60 pounds and now helps clients find their spark and lose the weight for life.