Protein… Ice Cream?


How was your weekend? Did you get some quality sleep, crush your workouts and eat healthy?

Or did you wake up Sunday morning with a half eaten pizza across your chest and a random stenciling of male genitalia on your forehead?

Maybe somewhere in the middle? That’s OK.

Here’s a protein ice cream recipe using just four ingredients that’ll get you back on the right track (sub cashew or almond milk for dairy milk if you’re weird like that)

P.S. Can I ask you a question? We’re almost two weeks into the new year and I wanted to connect with you and to see if you had made any New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or to gain muscle? I’m asking because I have room for a couple more training clients (2 in person, 2 online) in my fitness and fat loss training program and wanted to reach out to you first to see if you’d be interested. If so, just let know by replying to this email with a YES and I’ll give you a couple free workouts so you can try out my program to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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