July 2023 Master Your Metabolism (1)

Mitch Calvert Fitness Presents...

The "Eat More, Lose More" Master Your Metabolism Challenge

Day 1 Replay

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Day 1 Assignment (To Enter Prize Draw)

Get Your TDEE and Your CAP Calculated With The Links Provided

TDEE: mynutritioncalculator.com/mifflin-st-jeor-calculator

CAP: www.mitchcalvert.com/calculator

Share your numbers in the Facebook group HERE  to get two entries in the grand prize draw for a VIP Coaching Package valued at $3,300

Day 2 Replay

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Day 2 Assignment (To Enter Prize Draw)

Post your protein-containing meal in the Facebook group

Day 3 Replay

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Day 3 Assignment (To Enter Prize Draw)

Post your step strategy in the Facebook group

Day 4 Replay

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Day 4 Assignment (To Enter Prize Draw)

Post your calendar change in the Facebook group

Day 5 Replay

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Day 5 Assignment (To Enter Prize Draw)

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Personally Designed Workouts

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Fat Burning Meal Plans

That will make healthy eating simple and delicious no matter how picky of an eater you are. Plus, easy to follow recipes to make cooking easy.


Optimize Your Hormones

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Results Tracking Software

That will track your results on an app on your phone, always in your pocket.


Unlimited Support & Accountability

From an expert coach and group coaching community that will help you keep the motivation you will need to make this program a success.