THE ‘NO-BS’ Belly burn blueprint for dads who want to ditch the 'dad bod'

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what you can expect in 90 days or less...

  • Go down a few notches in your belt so your belly stops overhanging your favourite jeans.
  • Trimming your love handles so your confidence returns and you can once again go shirtless at the pool.
  • Optimizing your man hormones (think testosterone), reinstating your Man Card and freeing yourself from the tired, stressed out, lethargic version.
  • Shed the dad bod so you feel 10 years younger.

Want Results Like This?

Steven lost over 50 pounds at 50 years old!


Steven was 49, fast approaching 5-0 when we started. He didn't use the age excuse and executed. Now he feels as good as he did in his 20s (and looks the part too).

For Steven, the weight and belly fat losses have been secondary to his improved mental state.

“Losing weight is awesome, and I’m hearing it from people every day now. Total validation. But the number one thing for me is my head.

“My head is different now. When you suffer from anxiety and depression, and you’re carrying around 274 pounds, you can’t win.

My ability to handle my anxiety is much more in control now because my head is clear and I have good things in my body. The people that normally try to push my buttons can’t find them anymore."

Curtis dropped 41 pounds in time for his wedding!


Curtis was the prototypical chubby guy his ENTIRE life. He thought that was his cross to bear... until we went to work.

He lost 40+ pounds, trimmed his midsection and got in amazing shape for his wedding day.

"Today is the first time I've put on a suit since losing the weight. I teared up.

"I never felt comfortable with my body before. I would never wear a suit because I always thought I looked fat in one.

I got my suit in the mail and was immediately frustrated with how small it looked... until I put it on - it fit perfectly!

Mitch, your program has given me a new life. I understand it's been up to me, but I wouldn't have gotten here alone."

Ron, a busy dad of 3 kids, cut his bodyfat % in half


Ron has 3 young children and a very demanding career.

His workouts were often late at night.

And, yet, he didn’t stand in his own way or make excuses.

Plus, we had him eating carbs and living life.

Every weekend, I had to start forcing him to have big carb loads so he wouldn't lose too quickly. Yes, think pancakes and syrup here. Followed up with beers and bratwursts.

Matt lost 30 pounds and got "beach ready"

YouTube video

Here we are 3 months, 27 pounds, 8.5 inches and plenty of hangry moments later.
Anyhow, I can’t help but feel pretty proud of myself right about now! However, I couldn’t do this alone. Mitch, thank you so much for your structure and support!

Guys, seriously, if you want to use someone that develops an easy workout regime while not making you starve yourself or use some bullshit fad diet that isn’t sustainable and is horrendous on your body, give him a shout.

But wait there's (thousands) more...

That next step? It’s just something I call a Belly Burn coaching consult.

One of my specialists would map out a blueprint for you so you know what to focus on moving forward.

If it makes sense for me to help you action that plan, he'll put together a custom package for you and present an option or two for your consideration to be a part of this challenge.

This isn't a commitment to joining the program but it helps us assess one another to determine fit.

Hit the "Next Step" button and let's get this party started!

Mansformation Method is for you if...

  • Ready to lose 20+ pounds and go down a few notches in your belt so your belly stops overhanging your favourite jeans.
  • You have tried many diets/programs without lasting results.
  • You are open to trying something new and have 30 minutes most days to commit to this.
  • You are friendly and coachable.
  • You can keep a secret.

Method 1

Done For You Cut The Gut Spot Target Training workouts . . . We build out the plans that meet you where you are, even if it's been awhile since you lifted anything.

Method 2

You'll get our Customized Cut The Gut CAP Nutrition Protocol to finally show you once and for all how to fit in fun foods without getting f-a-t in the process!

Method 3

Live On Demand virtual group coaching "locker room" support system

Method 4

“Never Fall Off” 2C Accountability System . . . the process we've fined tuned to ensure you run toward us not away from us when life gets hard.

This is the exact coaching program that hundreds of men have used to get their confidence, energy and best body back after being stuck and frustrated for so long. ⁣⁠