Lesson 3: Setting up your starter diet

Chances are, you’re eating like a bird… or over-eating (even mostly healthy foods)

Two most common problems I see:
1. Not adding in MORE quality food source, MORE volume of food, but rather restricting TOO MUCH when starting a diet
2. Over-eating (even if you choose healthy food most of the time) and being in a calorie surplus despite cardio and exercise

Here’s the solution to put you in a small calorie deficit (watch video or read below)

YouTube video

Visual meal guide:
2 palms protein per meal
1-2 cupped hand carbs (rice, potatoes, etc)
2 fists cooked veggies
2-3 tsp fat (cooking oil, nuts, nut butters)

Print the visual guide and throw that up on your fridge. If eating out, order according to the protein/carb/veg portion formula and save the extra portions for later.

Here’s a sample diet I received from a client (on the under-eating side) and my recommended changes when reviewing it…

Breakdown of an actual client’s diet

Tea with milk and sweetener and bowl of raisin bran (dry)

1. Protein shake blended with 1/2 small avocado, ice, almond milk and spinach (I personally love how this tastes if you get chocolate)

2. If you can whip up a three egg omelette, awesome, but the shake is quick. 

Note: You can eat this whenever. Doesn’t have to be right when your feet hit the floor in the AM.

Mandarin oranges and tea with milk and sweetener.

This isn’t bad, but we want to lower carb and replace with protein. Could you try a protein bar here along with the orange? Combat or Quest brands are good.

From scratch Mixed greens salad with 4 chopped carrots and 1/3 of an English cucumber and broccoli.

1. Not bad, but it’s very low in calories. Suggest tuna or chicken on top with an olive oil base salad dressing here.You won’t need your afternoon snack if you beef up this meal.

Slice of whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of peanut butter and a Teaspoon of jam.

1. Can you go without this? Like to see a bit of a fast midday between lunch and dinner. Coffee or tea can bridge the gap.

Crock pot roast beef with bbq sauce on two slices of whole wheat bread, 4 slices (80 gms) of cheddar cheese.

1. This is fine

I suggest finding a combo you like and using it as your fall back. In my case, I cook a lot of lean beef and jasmine rice every Sunday and eat that at least once daily through the week.
You’re going to feel like it’s a lot of food at first. And it might feel like a chore to eat. But your body flips a switch… after a couple weeks, you’ll be ravenous between meals (we WANT that) and lean body mass is taking hold.