The Law of Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake…

My guilty pleasure.

Specifically, the one a local iconic restaurant, Salisbury House, makes…

The icing.. to die for.

The melt in your mouth filling… orgasmic.

But The Law of Red Velvet Cake keeps me honest.

It goes like this:

If the cake doesn’t get into my car, it doesn’t get home.

And if it doesn’t get home, it doesn’t get in my mouth.

And if it doesn’t get in my mouth, it doesn’t contribute to belly fat.

You feel me?

If the temptation is in the house, you are going to indulge eventually.

This rule can be applied to your guilty pleasure.

What is it you can’t help yourself around?

Make sure it isn’t staring at you from the pantry.

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