Got Moobs?


My new word of the week.

And they are far too common nowadays. I had them back in my heavier set days eating too much left overs in my job as a line cook.

Environmentally driven by plastics and birth control pills in our food and water supply? Maybe. Stress related due to our hectic lives? Maybe. Inactivity? Maybe.

Probably a combination of everything, to be honest.

But what it often boils down to is your testosterone:estrogen ratio gets out of whack.

There are a number of things you can do to combat this.

High intensity exercise is one. A diet higher in dietary fat is another.

Download the report below and receive a 10 step cheat sheet to boost your testosterone levels (my blood work results included in download). No expensive supplements or illegal steroids required. It’s a 2 minute read.

–> Download Testosterone Boosting Blueprint Here

Also, I have 1 VIP spot left open for coaching starting this month. Lots of tire kickers since I announced it yesterday, but no one has committed yet beyond the two on Monday.

Which is the funny thing about personal training as a service.

It’s not enough to hire a coach and expect instant results. You still have to be prepared to execute on what he’s telling you and put in the work.

Which differs from a lot of service-based professions.

If you hire a lawn care business, it’s a straight exchange of money for said service, and you don’t have to commit to working on the lawn alongside (that would suck).

But personal training requires you to BUY IN, not just with money but your time and effort. That’s a bigger decision. I get that.

But your HEALTH should be in your top 3 priorities. Not just to look good, but perform better in your job, the bedroom, and in your day to day lives.

Funny thing is, many of us sacrifice health in the pursuit of wealth and then say “Oh, fuck, I should’ve taken care of myself” when the doc gives them a grim diagnosis or you wake up one day and realize your man boobs are larger than your wife’s.

Bummer. But it’s never “too late” to start being the MAN the world (and your family) deserves.

I’m looking for a determined action taker that isn’t waiting for January 1st to get started on accomplishing your goals.

So If you are interested in letting an expert handle all the brain-work, allowing you to just “do it” and finally get in great shape, just REPLY BACK TO THIS EMAIL. Don’t wait until the “perfect time.”

If you’re ready to transform your body NOW, reply back to this email.

Your bro in iron,

Coach Mitch

PS: Shame on you if you skipped down this far. But, anyway, space is limited to just 1 action taker that’s willing to put in work. While I don’t have a Cyber Monday Week deadline like most retailers (I’d be lying if I did) it’s certainly not something you want to sit on. Hit reply and we’ll see if you’re ready to commit.

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Mitch Calvert is a Winnipeg-based fitness coach for men and women like his former self. Heavyset in his 20s, he lost 60 pounds and now helps clients find their spark and lose the weight for life.