Tone up Your Trouble Spots, Melt the Muffin Top and Break the Chains of Fad Dieting for Good With our drop 2 sizes m4 method

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drop 2 sizes challenge

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Tried every diet out there but you just can't sustain them, you lose weight then you put it all back on again.
  • Eat 'clean' all week and stick to your diet but then the weekend hits and the bingeing starts.
  • Kill yourself doing endless cardio but no matter how hard you go you just can't get the toned and athletic body you're working so hard for.

Thankfully, there is a better way...

My name is Mitch and I've worked with hundreds of women just like you who finally broke free from restrictive diets and binge eating forever.

The women that came through this program before you were also once ruled by food.

They used to wake up and look in the mirror and hate the body that stared back at them...

They were tired of feeling exhausted, having digestive issues, painful and irregular periods, broken sleep, erratic moods and wanted to break the cycle of restriction then binge.


And just wanted to eat real food they actually enjoyed...

Now I help women like you...

  • Building and increasing their resting metabolic rate so they can eat more food, lose body fat and never have to do another restrictive diet again using something called Metabolic Flexibility (utilize fats for energy when sedentary and carbs when active).
  • Discover what foods work best for their bodies so they can improve and optimize their sleep, digestion, mood, energy, menstrual cycle and beat binge eating once and for all.
  • Get stronger by teaching them how to strength train effectively in just 3 days a week so they can transform their bodies without doing cardio or spending hours in the gym.

drop 2 sizes challenge

Drop your details and we'll see you on the other side 🙂

Here's a sampling of the ladies we've helped...

You've Been Lied To!

We know what you are thinking right now...

"What makes this program different from all of the other fitness "noise" that is showing up in my social media news feeds and inbox?"

And frankly, that is a great question to be asking...

Bottom line is that we are a WOMEN'S ONLY PROGRAM that focuses on strength training first.

No 2 hour marathon cardio workouts here…

No starvation diets...

And we back our program with an iron-clad guarantee:

You'll drop two sizes in our care (in a healthy, sustainable way!) or we'll coach you for free until you reach that milestone. Simple as that.


Unlike everyone else, we aren’t going to give you a load of information and just leave you on your own.

We do things differently.


drop 2 sizes challenge

Drop your details and we'll see you on the other side 🙂

Here's the 3 Step Process We Use to Help Build A Body You Love & Break Free From Restrictive Diets


step 1


We'll teach you how to increase your calories, increase your metabolism and work out exactly how much protein, carbohydrates and fat your body needs to function optimally so you can put on lean muscle and lose body fat eating more food consistently - no more restrictive diets.


step 2


We'll take you through our system to decipher what foods work best for your body so that you sleep well, have great digestion, regular and pain free periods, good energy, good skin quality and stable moods so that you are optimized and your hormones are balanced.


step 3


We'll take you through our 3 level progression system designed by Mitch to teach you how to lift correctly and get all the basic movement patterns right.

Then we will design a program that is specific to you where we track every set and every rep so that you can transform your body training just 3 days per week, no cardio.

We don’t just tell you what to do.

We coach you on how to do it.

We mentor, guide and push you to transform from the woman you are now, into the woman you want to be so you can have the body and life you want.


Why’s that so damn important?

Because when you are building a body you love YOU must do it, not us. If we give you a fish you eat for a day, if we teach you how to fish you eat for life.

And it's not just about training and nutrition....its having the right mindset.

Chances are, the mindset you have now is not the mindset you need to build the body and life you want.

But in the Drop 2 Sizes program, we help you build a solid foundation so that you can not only feel great and look great but so you can be the best version of you as a parent, in your career and in your relationship.

All the pieces fit together better when you take care of yourself first!

It’s impossible to have the life you want without first changing the person you are.

And we’ll help you construct yourself to become that new person.

Hit the PURPLE button if you're ready to book a no obligation consultation OR if you want to see more ACTUAL results and testimonials from women who have gone through this program, scroll below...


drop 2 sizes challenge

Drop your details and we'll see you on the other side 🙂

But, you have to starve and work out like crazy, right?


The time commitment asked of the women above?

Only a few hours a week.

30 minute home workouts.

Dinners with the family built in.

You’ve been conditioned to believe a lie.

You don’t have to slave away in the gym, barely looking any different from one year to the next.

In fact, less is more when it comes to exercise.

After all, the goal is to look lean and toned, not chase a number on the scale, right?

First I must ask you, what does toned look like to you?

For the most part, if I'm to assume you're in the majority, the responses are usually "I want to get rid of the bat wing arms and tone and tighten my saggy butt and midsection."

As a coach, I know this means you want to look like you lift weights because that’s what it takes to achieve those goals.

But hidden under these words is a fear you’ll get too bulky.

And instead of lifting weights, many diet at a really low calorie count and spend hour upon hour doing cardio.

Or they go to classes where they lift light weights at a fast pace and work up a sweat and feel accomplished.

All of these things help with weight loss, don’t get me wrong, but ‘toning’ is driven by progressively getting stronger.

That means challenging yourself with more weight and/or reps over time. Nothing crazy. You probably pictured a big bodybuilder when I said that, but that's not reality here.

I have to be blunt and honest and say you’ll probably need to lift some weights and fuel your body with quality food.

Rarely is one’s ideal physique achievable through weight loss alone. It usually requires five to 10 pounds of well-placed lean muscle, too.

If you want that goal physique — the one you imagine you want in your mind that looks toned and healthy — you’re not going accomplish it through cardio and calorie counting alone.

You can accomplish this at home with a few pairs of dumbbells, so don’t think it only gets done in a commercial gym with fancy equipment.

Of course, we try to do it in a fun way with the folks I work with via virtual classes and just enough variety so they’ll stick to it.

But before trying another new and cutting-edge approach, consider the goal you’re after. Make sure you match it up with the plan most likely to get you there.

It saddens me to see so many women lose 10 to 20 pounds, only to look exactly the same as when they started the process.

Starving themselves down to a slightly skinner, softer version.

If you want to drop two sizes and look toned when you're finished, we've got the solution for you...

You don’t have to give up all your favourite foods – instead, you can eat the right foods at the right time – and lose weight effortlessly without depriving yourself.

Yes, I know you’ve been conditioned to believe dieting has to suck. But it’s simply not true.

Hell, it’s what I was conditioned to believe. So I totally get where you’re coming from.

But I’m here to tell you... it simply isn’t true.


drop 2 sizes challenge

Drop your details and we'll see you on the other side 🙂

Who am I and why should you listen to me?


You may have read my weekly column in the Winnipeg Free Press or saw me featured in any number of publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health or Women's Health.

I’m a former obese line cook who got my act together about 15 years ago and have paid it forward ever since as a fitness coach for those with similar genes.

I've also brought on a coach who specializes in helping women through these obstacles, including eating disorders and injury limitations (she's a physiotherapist by trade as well)

Join hundreds of other women who followed this simple done-for-you diet and training plan to INSANE results…

winnipeg best pt


Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:


Personally Designed Workouts

Just 30-45 minute session times to rapidly help you lose the muffin top.


Fat Burning Meal Plans

That will make healthy eating simple and delicious no matter how picky of an eater you are.


Results Tracking Software

That will track your results throughout the program so that you can actually see your body getting results.


Unlimited Support & Accountability

From an expert coach that will help you keep the motivation you will need to make this program a success.

That next step? It’s just something I call a Belly Burn Blueprint game plan call to map out a path to the promised land for you.

No hard sell. Consider it "bonus" coaching to get to know your needs better.

Myself or a member of my team would ID your bottlenecks and map out a blueprint for you.

We can discuss this particular opportunity more in depth should we get that far, but no guarantees or obligation on either end here.

Make sense?

If you’re ready, proceed to the final step by hitting the purple button.


drop 2 sizes challenge

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