CF College Crash Course

Day 1 Checklist

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2. Watch This!


Integrate Calendar of Events

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Five Part Starter Series (Must Watch!)


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1a - The Commitment Code

1b - The Commitment Code

2 - Time Management Principles

3 - Daily Habits To Get Fit For Life

4 - The Promise Agreement

5- The Legacy Program & 30/30 Club





How do I add my weight/measurements/pictures to app?

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Do I have to do measurements every 3 days if "Body Stats" is requested that often?

No. Trainerize doesn't allow us to distinguish between a weigh in and body measurements. Body measurements and pictures are done 1x per month. If you see body stats on the calendar beyond that (M/W/F) that simply means we want you to weigh in to see the trends (in the morning after you go to the bathroom, fasted).

What does "Fitness Class" mean on my calendar?

These are simply the Zoom workout reminders if you choose to do them (Optional). You'll get email reminders with a link to join.


Where do I start when it comes to tracking my food?!

If you use our Calvert Fitness app to track food, WATCH THIS:

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How do I track food with a nutrition label?

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How do I track food WITHOUT a nutrition label?

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How do I use a food scale to track and measure?

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*IF you opted to use MyFitnessPal instead of our In App Tracker

Using My Fitness Pal to Pre-plan your week so tracking is convenient and easy

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How do I log a workout and track weights used? 

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