An Old Farmer's Secret To Burn The Beer Belly & Keep The Dad Bod At Bay In 30 Minutes A day

You’re about to hear a strange but completely true story of how a simple farmer accidentally stumbled onto a weight loss secret so profound…

...It has the power to put anyone, regardless of how old they are today, on the fast track to the body of their dreams (you can picture what that looks like, right!?) in just 30-minutes a day.

When you run a farm… you don’t have the luxury of doing a long workout and 3 square meals every day.

...You just wake up and get to work.

And this is actually how our male genes are best designed to operate.

Heck, if you saw this farmer, you'd want to know his secrets....

Forearms like Popeye, a barrel chest with a taper down to a thin waist...

What gives?

Well, our modern lifestyle is in direct conflict with our genes!

For centuries men have been eating light during the day, staying active in simple ways, lifting things, followed by a big dinner and sexy time with their significant other at night 🙂

But, instead, we sit in your car, at a computer and on the couch, going from one to the other... only to pass out at the end of the day.

And between the kids, the work, the spouse, it all seems endless, right?

You don't have time for tupperware and hours at the gym, if you feel me!?

The good news is you  don't need any of that.

And yet we are so confident in our process we'll buy you a belt to fit your new waist at the end of our time together.

Sure, I get that you're skeptical.

You've tried it all.

Heard promises like this before even, maybe.

But we assume all the risk by guaranteeing you'll go down two notches on your belt (minimum!) or we'll coach you for free until you hit that milestone... simple as that...

…without giving up your go-to vices (beer maybe?)...

...without having to follow a rigid meal plan

...without having to cardio your face off…

If you hate doing repetitive, boring workouts...

...and feel like you eat healthy but see no change in your body…

...or you’re tired of feeling like one fun meal undoes all your progress..

Then joining the Belly Burn Blueprint challenge would make A LOT of sense...

...This is your way out.

I’ve been there before myself and I’ve already done all the heavy lifting to clear the path for you.

All you have to do is follow it.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in?

This is EXACTLY what "The Belly Burn Blueprint" can do for you.

  • Go down a few notches in your belt so your belly stops overhanging your favourite jeans.
  • Trimming your love handles so your confidence returns and you can once again go shirtless at the pool.
  • Optimizing your man hormones (think testosterone), reinstating your Man Card and freeing yourself from the tired, stressed out, lethargic version (and your partner is unimpressed by that al dente noodle, let's be honest).
  • Shed the dad bod so you feel 10 years younger.

With The Belly Burn Blueprint, you create the best possible version of yourself with a done-for-you plan, producing way more in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Creating the happier, healthier version of you that everyone enjoys being around.

Sideways "Join me in the bedroom" glances  from your significant other, guaranteed.

Today's truth bomb is you need it.

Brought to you by your family, your career and your future self.

This is my 1-on-1 coaching experience to help you obliterate 20-30 lbs of stubborn fat without living in the gym or restrictive fad diets...

...In only 90 days.

See what it's done for guys just like you below...

Want Results Like This?

Steven lost over 50 pounds at 50 years old!


Steven was 49, fast approaching 5-0 when we started. He didn't use the age excuse and executed. Now he feels as good as he did in his 20s (and looks the part too).

For Steven, the weight and belly fat losses have been secondary to his improved mental state.

“Losing weight is awesome, and I’m hearing it from people every day now. Total validation. But the number one thing for me is my head.

“My head is different now. When you suffer from anxiety and depression, and you’re carrying around 274 pounds, you can’t win.

My ability to handle my anxiety is much more in control now because my head is clear and I have good things in my body. The people that normally try to push my buttons can’t find them anymore."

Curtis dropped 41 pounds in time for his wedding!


Curtis was the prototypical chubby guy his ENTIRE life. He thought that was his cross to bear... until we went to work.

He lost 40+ pounds, trimmed his midsection and got in amazing shape for his wedding day.

"Today is the first time I've put on a suit since losing the weight. I teared up.

"I never felt comfortable with my body before. I would never wear a suit because I always thought I looked fat in one.

I got my suit in the mail and was immediately frustrated with how small it looked... until I put it on - it fit perfectly!

Mitch, your program has given me a new life. I understand it's been up to me, but I wouldn't have gotten here alone."

Ron, a busy dad of 3 kids, cut his bodyfat % in half


Ron has 3 young children and a very demanding career.

His workouts were often late at night.

And, yet, he didn’t stand in his own way or make excuses.

Plus, we had him eating carbs and living life.

Every weekend, I had to start forcing him to have big carb loads so he wouldn't lose too quickly. Yes, think pancakes and syrup here. Followed up with beers and bratwursts.

Matt lost 30 pounds and got "beach ready"

YouTube video

Here we are 3 months, 27 pounds, 8.5 inches and plenty of hangry moments later.
Anyhow, I can’t help but feel pretty proud of myself right about now! However, I couldn’t do this alone. Mitch, thank you so much for your structure and support!

Guys, seriously, if you want to use someone that develops an easy workout regime while not making you starve yourself or use some bullshit fad diet that isn’t sustainable and is horrendous on your body, give him a shout.

But wait there's (thousands) more...

That next step? It’s just something I call a Body Breakthrough Diet and Lifestyle Audit.

One of my specialists would map out a blueprint for you so you know what to focus on moving forward.

If it makes sense for me to help you action that plan, he'll put together a custom package for you and present an option or two for your consideration.

Hit the red button and let's get this party started!

But, these guys must've starved themselves and worked out like crazy, right?


The time commitment asked of the men above?

Only a few hours a week, give or take.

30 minute workouts done at home.

Simple, flexible approach to nutrition like nothing you’ve tried before.

(Remember, we're going AGAINST conventional fitness wisdom and adopting the habits of that old farmer with the barrel chest, Popeye's forearms and trim waist!)

When you have an iron-clad plan, this whole dieting thing doesn't seem so complicated.

You don’t have to slave away in the gym, barely looking any different from one year to the next.

You don’t have to give up all your favourite foods – instead, you can eat the right foods at the right time using Metabolic Flexibility – and lose weight effortlessly without depriving yourself.

By approaching dieting as nature intended, you work WITH your metabolism not against it.

Someone with great metabolic flexibility can burn carbs when they eat them. They can burn fat when they eat it (or when they don’t eat at all). They can switch between carbohydrate metabolism and fat metabolism with relative ease. All those people who can “eat whatever they want” most likely have excellent metabolic flexibility.

It means we can tap into different fuel sources to power different activities and reprogram your body to work as nature intended, with healthy hormones to boot.


Signs you AREN’T Metabolically Flexible:

  • You get sleepy after eating a big meal.
  • You get the midday crash every day after lunch.
  • You must snack to sustain your energy levels.
  • You're hungry and lethargic between meals and can't function on conventional diets.
  • You rely on caffeine to get through the day.

Yes, I know you’ve been conditioned to believe dieting has to suck. But it’s simply not true.

Hell, it’s what I was conditioned to believe. So I totally get where you’re coming from.

But I’m here to tell you... it simply isn’t true.

Need a helping hand?

No, I'm NOT going to give you another diet plan.

It's much more than that. And if you want to finally unlock the formula to getting the body of your dreams, shed stubborn fat from those love handles and gut, then apply for an introductory diet and exercise audit so we can share our old farmer's secrets to see if it makes sense for you...

Warning! This is likely not for you...

This is not for you if you’re not truly committed to your goals. But for those who are committed to their goals 10 out of 10, the Belly Burn Blueprint is the secret to rediscovering your 20-something mojo.

In fact, this may only be for the top 5% of our readers who are really serious about going to “the next level.” Body transformation is not an event, it’s a process, so if you prefer just “winging” your workouts, eating on the fly, and not giving your body what it needs with the naive hope that what you’re doing might work one day, this is not for you!

If you do not want to take personal responsibility for your body and future and if you’re content with looking “average” with a Dad Bod, beer gut and the libido of a grandpa, then this is not for you. If you’re afraid to challenge your pre-conceived notions of what's possible in adulthood, look elsewhere.

Belly Burn Blueprint requires a continuous level of commitment. This is serious. We are serious. If you're someone who keeps buying cheap fitness programs and never uses them, you're wasting your time, so please don't waste ours. Cheap programs are expensive when you have to keep buying another one with nothing to show for it.

Plus, if you think experiencing mind-blowing fat loss and consistent muscle gains has to do with your age, drugs or genetics and you’re not prepared to crush your doubts and build your body towards something bigger and greater… This is not for you. Leave your application on spot for someone else.

This IS for you if you're open-minded, ready to learn, committed to the process and ready to challenge your genetics and make certain you achieve your BEST BODY EVER!

The Belly Burn Blueprint is for you if...

  • You are ready to lose the 20-30+ pounds (or more) and go down a few notches on your belt.
  • You have tried many diets/programs without lasting results.
  • You are open to trying something new and have 30 minutes most days to commit to this.
  • You are friendly and coachable.
  • You can keep a secret.

Method 1

You'll get our Customized CAP Nutrition Protocol to finally show you once and for all how to fit in fun foods without getting f-a-t in the process!

Method 2

Done For You 30M Density Training workouts . . . We build out the plans that meet you where you are, even if it's been awhile since you lifted anything.

Method 3

Live On Demand virtual group coaching "locker room" support system with other members in the same life stage as you (i.e. Determined Dads, Rockstar Retirees, Busy Professionals)

Method 4

“Never Fall Off” Accountability System . . . the process we've fined tuned to ensure your feet are held to the fire and you run toward us not away from us when life gets hard.

This is the exact coaching program that hundreds of men have used to get their confidence, energy and best body back after being stuck and frustrated for so long. ⁣⁠

You've Been Lied To!

"What makes this program different from all of the other fitness "noise" that is showing up in my social media news feeds and inbox?"

And frankly, that is a great question to be asking...

Bottom line is this is a men's only program with no agenda.

No 2 hour marathon cardio workouts here.

No supplements to push.

No BS.


Unlike everyone else, you aren’t going to get a load of information in a 300 page PDF and just leave you on your own.

This is different.

You get a custom solution based on your needs.

It takes the better part of a day to put it together (hence the limited openings) and we make adjustments as we go, avoiding the dreaded plateaus.

Then you get coached every day on how to do it.

The perfect diet and training plan is useless without implementation.

You get mentored, guided and pushed to transform from the man you are now, into the man you want to be so you can have the body and life you want.


Why’s that so damn important?

Because when you are building a body you love YOU must do it, not me. If I give you a fish, you eat for a day, if I teach you how to fish you eat for life.

And it's not just about training and's having the right mindset.


Chances are, the mindset you have now is not the mindset you need to build the body and life you want. Some recent research published in the New York Times suggests mindset is AS important (if not more so) than your DNA when it comes to losing fat...

Those who were told they had good genes for losing fat (based on no hard evidence) physically saw more results!

In The Belly Burn Blueprint program, we help you build a solid foundation so you can not only feel great and look great but so you can be the best version of you as a parent, business person and man.

It’s impossible to have the life you want without first changing the person you are.

And I'll help you construct yourself to become that new person.

The Story Of An Obese Line Cook Who Defeated His "Bad" Genetics With A Simple Formula...


You may have read my weekly column in the Winnipeg Free Press or saw me featured in any number of publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health or Women's Health.

I’m a former obese line cook who got my act together about 15 years ago and have paid it forward ever since as a fitness coach for men.

I remember the moment I hit rock bottom.

It was in gym class back in 2002 in my senior year. One of those hand-held bodyfat measurement devices was making the rounds.
I tried to avoid the test with an extended stay in the bathroom, but I was outed by a classmate.

The results told me everything I already knew – I was fat...


as Seen & featured in:


The reading came up at 36% body fat – the worst score among the guys in the class.

That told me I needed to change, but I didn’t know where to start.

So, I dabbled in it for several years after that. You know where dabbling gets us. A big, fat nowhere.

So, what did I finally do to successfully lose 53 pounds and keep it off going on 14 years now?

I stumbled upon a three-part formula by accident that I now use with all my clients.

I remember the day it all changed.

I was still living with my parents, a year removed from high school. I was working as a line cook and had no real direction in my life, other than a legitimate addiction to video games and junk food.

I stared at myself in the mirror and got real that morning. I didn't say I needed to lose a couple pounds.

No, I pointed at myself and said
"You're a fat S-O-B and this ends now"

I continued: "The mirror you see every day is going to tell you the truth every time, so why are you still lying to yourself? So you can convince yourself this is OK? It’s not."

There was nothing healthy or fulfilling about the weight I carried. I knew it, you know it if you're in the same position or have been in the past.

There’s no use sugar-coating it. But, awareness is not enough. The commitment and action must follow suit.


If you're ready to slay the weight loss monkey on your back, join hundreds of other men who followed this simple done-for-you diet and training plan to INSANE results…

One catch: I Can Only Take On A Limited Number of Clients (<75 at one time)


Everyone says that, right? Some tactic to get you to buy something you don't want.

But it's true based on everything I've told you. I devote a lot of time to every single client with a fully customized solution.

There's only so much time to go around, what with two kids under 5 being a big priority in my life as well. (I'm sure you understand).

It’s the best way to ensure that I maintain a tight bond with everyone and can give each client laser focused support to help them achieve their goals.

But it also means we have to put a strict limit on the number of clients at any given time.

There is nothing in this world that could be a better investment than the one in yourself. (Most men have this backwards, investing in toys that get used a couple times a year instead of the body they walk around in every day).

Apply below and tell us a little bit about yourself so we can see if we're a fit or not.

After you apply, we’ll give you a bonus diet and lifestyle audit to discuss your unique vision and challenges. No sales pitch here. Consider it a free coaching session to determine your needs and see if we are aligned to work together now or in the future.

So if you’re curious, apply for the final step by hitting the RED button.


Here's what's waiting for you on the other side:


Personally Designed Workouts

Just 30-45 minute session times to rapidly help you lose the beer gut in 3 hours or less each week (so your belly stops overhanging the belt on your favorite jeans).


Fat Burning Meal Plans

That will make healthy eating simple and delicious no matter how picky of an eater you are. Plus, easy to follow recipes to make cooking easy.


Optimize Your Hormones

So you can reinstate your Man Card and free yourself from the tired, stressed out, lethargic version.


Results Tracking Software

That will track your results on an app on your phone, always in your pocket.


Unlimited Support & Accountability

From an expert coach and group coaching community that will help you keep the motivation you will need to make this program a success.

So if you’re curious, apply for the final step by hitting the RED button.