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How Mitch Went From Obese Video Game Addict To Respected Fitness Coach


The photo on the left was the wake-up call I needed...

I tipped the scales north of 250 lbs at the time and wouldn't be caught DEAD in a t-shirt.

Button ups or sweater vests... to hide the dreaded moobs.

Little did I know I would go from Transformation to Trainer in that moment.

Truth is, I saw very little success early on.

Struggled with my weight for several years after that.

It wasn't until I went all in and invested in help and committed to the process that things began to change.

I'd say you were nuts if you said years later I'd be featured in Men's Health and become the "Pulse" fitness columnist for the Winnipeg Free Press.

I had no vision of helping thousands of parents achieve their weight loss goals.

I wouldn't have believed it if you said I'd have the coaching business of my dreams with a team of people supporting me.

All I knew was that I felt great making myself a priority and realized my weight was holding me back.

Don't get so caught up on how far you have to go.

Fall in love with the process.

It's going to take more time than you like.

But there's a right way and wrong way.

I've lost 60 lbs and helped hundreds more do the same.

I still struggle and go through rough patches.

But I've learned a thing or two along the way…


You don't have to eat out of tupperware, workout 6 days a week, and starve yourself.

I'm sick of the BS restrictive diets.

I'm sick of the extreme workouts most people have no business doing.

I'm sick of seeing diet pills and food "systems" being advertised as the only way.

I am sick of it.

My clients make such amazing transformations because I teach them how to lose fat without any of the above rules.

You don't have to stop drinking alcohol, go keto or hate every minute of endless cardio sessions.


You can get a great workout done in 30 minutes from home (I know a guy who runs Zoom workouts :P)

Having the right workouts planned makes all the difference.

My community of parents stay on track and motivated because they enjoy the process and have FUN.

If you are ready to see results without restrictions, assuming you're ready to do the work, here's how I can help.

Here's how I can help…

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