22 Easy Life Hacks For a Sexier You

  1. Eat home-cooked dinners at least five times per week

  2. Drink fresh squeezed lemon juice in warm water every night before dinner

  3. Try to get a good sweat every day doing things you enjoy

    Get sexier with these life hacks. (Speedo not included)

    Get sexier with these life hacks. (Speedo not included)

  4. Go for a massage once in awhile

  5. Hit a sauna or steam bath at least two times per week (read the benefits here)

  6. Avoid a heavy meal within 90 minutes of bed time

  7. Get your sleep by whatever means necessary

  8. Don’t neglect your gut health (read how best to protect it here)

  9. Buy organic foods when it makes sense for your budget/needs (read my list of must-buys here)

  10. Try to avoid eating carbohydrates for breakfast

  11. Better yet, fast for a few hours upon waking if fat loss is a priority (black coffee or tea helps)

  12. Keep your blood pressure in check (No.4 helps and this list)

  13. Drink green and or black tea

  14. Have sex more often

  15. Eat wild salmon and grass-fed beef for its omega 3 content

  16. Don`t spend more than you make each month

  17. Schedule a cheat meal on the weekend (you`re less likely to binge during the week that way)

  18. Take time away from work to enjoy life once in awhile

  19. Ignore the haters in life and on YouTube comments (stress = cortisol increase)

  20. Spend more time on your passions

  21. Abolish anger and jealously. Be happy for yourself and others

  22. Remove as much stress as you can. Life is too short to be unhappy

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Mitch Calvert is a Winnipeg-based fitness coach for men and women like his former self. Heavyset in his 20s, he lost 60 pounds and now helps clients find their spark and lose the weight for life.