10 Reasons to Never Give Up

Found an old post on bodybuilding.com that’s a good read for those who struggle with consistency. This is specific to dieting, but a lot of the same rules apply in life as well. Grammatical issues aside, it’s well written and reasonated with me – so hopefully it’ll have an impact on you too.

Everyone, at some point or another, loses motivation.

1. Refocus by remembering the Why. The one-worded question where all of this began. Whenever you lose focus or motivation, always bring yourself back to the very first time you asked this. Whatever reason you have, is good enough for you to keep going. Don’t forget that.

2. You feel you’re setting yourself up for failure. You’re wrong. You’ve tried multiple diets which have had short term effects, but in the long run you’ve only ended up back at square one. This time is different, tell yourself that. Let your past mistakes be nothing but learning guidelines, everytime you try something different you’re finding out something new about yourself, don’t be put off from previous failure – welcome it then destroy it.

3. Stop focusing so much on the negatives. Bring out the positives and be proud of every achievement made, whether it be big or small the fact of the matter is everything you do affects your goal, so staying awake from the cheesecake, or dragging yourself to go for a run – it all pays off in the end.

4. There’s going to be times when you feel progress is going nowhere, that you’re eating foods you hate and exercising for long periods of time; and for what? I’m sure this question has ran through many peoples’ minds, whether its because they’re diet is off or they’re stuck at a plateau, it doesn’t matter – don’t give up! Just because your hitting a hard point doesn’t mean you can’t soar through it, sit back, evaluate, change. It might take someone 3 months to achieve they’re ideal body whilst it might take someone else 3 years. If it’s in your heart then it’s worth it.

5. Compare yourself against yourself, and no one else. You’re not working with their body, you’re working on yours, whilst it’s good to have an idea of how you want to look, don’t go competing with the fitness instructor at your gym. Compete against the person in the mirror because that’s what important.

6. Understand. This isn’t going to be easy, infact by far frustrating but believe in yourself and you will go far. Set goals that are realistic, not ridiculous. Patience is a virtue, and no matter how many days you wake up feeling sluggish I can bet if you drag your Richard Simmons to go for a run you’ll feel a million times better and refreshed afterwards. This isn’t a quick fix, this is something you should adapt into as a lifestyle.

7. You’re not alone. You have a huge support group, online or at home, there are plenty of other people trying to achieve the same goals as you, going through the same problems and dealing with the same experiences. Talking to someone always helps, there’s a ton of useful information out there from a lot of well respected people. Don’t be afraid to ask.

8. Have fun. Look at what you’re doing and enjoy it, everytime you exercise you’re changing your body. If you’re bored of the treadmill jump off and go on the bike, rowing machine, anything. There’s endless ways to make working out fun, it doesn’t always have to be as grim as some people make out.

9. There’s going to be people who won’t support you, who’ll try to convince you to binge drink out on a friday night or share half a pizza with them and to stop being so ‘boring’, and yes, it’s hard to resist and have enough will power to say no, sometimes its a lonely road when you feel isolated in that manner, but that’s what seperates you from them. You should still have a social life and enjoy yourself, have treats here and there, but don’t feel forced into anything you don’t want to do.

10. Be proud of who you are and what you’re doing, of these steps you’re taking and sacrifices you’re making to become a healthier person. Not only should you be amazed by yourself, but you should remember the people you’re inspiring around you. You should think about how you’re going to feel once you’ve achieved your goal/look, and how others are going to look at you when you have. It takes a considerable amount of will power and determination to achieve something great, and to think about when you get to post your ‘before and after’ photo’s which in turn motivates and inspires others to push harder.

If you set your mind to it, you CAN do it!
Never give up


Mitch Calvert is a Winnipeg-based fitness coach for men and women like his former self. Heavyset in his 20s, he lost 60 pounds and now helps clients find their spark and lose the weight for life.