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Hi, I'm Mitch.

Losing 60 pounds in my 20s helped me go from pleasantly plump 260 lb video game and junk food addict to the coach I am today.

I live with my wife, Brittany, two daughters, Quinn and Grace, and a vomit-happy cat named Chelsea.

That's me in a nutshell.

I could tell you more, but here's how I can help you, which is what truly matters: I'm a fitness coach who provides the system and support to GUARANTEE  you drop a couple pant sizes and up to 20-30 pounds in 90 days or less while keeping it off for life.

This will be the last program you ever need, guaranteed.

No BS. No shortcuts. Just results that last.

at calvert fitness

we do two things:

drop 2 sizes challenge

Help ladies drop two dress sizes without starving on stupid diets in the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge.

Mansformation Method

Help men burn the beer gut and destroy the Dad Bod without killing themselves in the gym in the Mansformation Method

How did I get here?

It all started at Shaftesbury High School back in '02 when I hit rock bottom.