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Hi, I'm Mitch.

Losing 60 pounds in my 20s helped me go from obese video game and junk food addict to the coach I am today.

I live with my wife, Brittany, two daughters, Quinn and Grace, and a vomit-happy cat named Chelsea.

That's me in a nutshell.

I could tell you more, but here's how I can help you, which is what truly matters: I'm a fitness coach for busy parents like myself, helping them juggle the demands of adulthood while dropping a couple pant sizes and up to 20-30 pounds in 90 days or less.

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we do two things:


drop 2 sizes challenge

Help moms drop two dress sizes and reclaim their pre baby bodies in the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge.

Belly Burn Blueprint

Help dads burn the beer gut and destroy the Dad Bod in the Belly Burn Blueprint


Success Stories


How did I get here?

It all started at Shaftesbury High School back in '02 when I hit rock bottom.


Grab your Metabolic Jumpstart Guide

And discover the secret strategies I used to lose 60 pounds