The Amazing 54 Week Transformation You Need To See To Believe

I have a quick case study to share with you that’ll help you succeed.

Often people forget how long it took to accumulate the weight they want to lose. Years.

I wish it was – truly, I wish you could build the body you wanted in only 12 weeks.

But it’s just not possible for most unless you’ve got a really solid foundation already.

Now, if you take the skills you have learned from a fitness program, learn to integrate them into your life, and continue to make steady, gradual progress…

(Accounting for inevitable plateaus along the way…)

Then yes, you can have the body you have always dreamed about, just like Train here.

A little over a year ago, Train here shot me an email, and the two of us chatted.

You see, the Train on the left wasn’t very happy with his weight at over 260 pounds.

He woke up one morning, and realized if he didn’t do something about it, his future was rather bleak.

But the thing is…………..Train was pretty typical.

He had tried other programs without a whole lot to show for it.

It took a little convincing, but Train committed to Mansformation Coaching despite the sketicism, having read some other success stories.


We combined a few simple and effective strategies

✔️ Train ate more calories and carbs when he trained, and less when he didn’t, sometimes implementing fasting.

✔️ Train lifted weights 3 times per week for about 45 minutes per session, no more, at least to start.

He plugged away for about 8 months with me, progressively building the habits to make this a permanent change, losing pounds along the way.

And he did admit having a coach in the mix helped ease his mind when it felt like nothing was happening later in the process.

But you see…and THIS IS WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS… he had put in the effort and got inspired by his progress, thus creating the motivation to continue the effort.

Do you get it? Motivation is a by-product of doing the work. Don’t wait for motivation or you’ll be waiting a long time.

He just kept going because it wasn’t that hard to keep going (most programs aren’t built for the long game, so you fall back into old habits and regain the weight within a few months…)

✔️ He kept using what he learned, kept applying the strategies to his life, and he kept training consistently after leaving my nest.

✔️ You see, with the Mansformation program, Train was able to simplify his fitness.

He started to know EXACTLY what he should focus on, and most importantly, he finally realized what didn’t really matter!

And the proof is in the ‘magic’ one year transformation pic you see above, now sitting at a much leaner and more muscular 210 pounds (50 pounds of fat gone, probably more, as muscle was added!)


And THIS is what you’re REALLY getting.

A blueprint for LIFE.

You’re not getting a PDF with a canned crash diet to download and collect dust on your lap top……..

You will get the principles that will keep you lean and healthy for life – with the daily coaching you need to implement them – so you have the tools to sustain your success.


And Train?

Train on the right – months after his Mansformation, still lean, still strong, still healthy – and a full 50 pounds lighter.

✔️ All without a restrictive diet.

✔️ All without cardio.

✔️ All without killing himself in the gym.

✔️ All without supplements, expensive shakes, and woo-woo pills and powders.

My coaching has been the catalyst for hundreds of people out there – who have finally learned how “fitness works” and are able to keep crushing it and living life to the fullest.

Are you ready to get started on your own transformation?

When you’re ready, here’s how I can help you:

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