Gluten may be totally innocent

I’ve advocated for cutting grains from your diet (and subsequently gluten by osmosis) in this space before, and I stand by those statements. Simply by wheat-bellycutting grains you’re eliminating a lot of processed foods, and that’s obviously a good thing. Too many foods come in boxes with fancy labels nowadays. That’s not the way our ancestors ate.

But too often gluten is labelled as the sole proprietor of health/weight problems, and it may not be entirely fair. If you make the switch to a gluten free lifestyle, and largely eat the same foods that are just re-labelled “gluten free” (they swap one poor ingredient for a similar one sans gluten) you won’t be much better off.

A recent article published on T-Nation examines the topic a little further than most, looking beyond gluten to other commonly-found ingredients in gluttonous foods, including certain preservatives, lactose and poorly absorbed short-chain carbohydrates known as FODMAPS (fermentable oligosccharides, disaccarides, monosaccharides and polyols.) If you can’t pronounce the ingredient, that’s a telling sign in itself. They may actually be more to blame than gluten itself.

Anyway, it does an excellent job sifting through the science – certainly better than I could be bothered to do – and gives you a fair and balanced look at gluten. Is the gluten free movement a fad? Maybe. But the take home message is still the same: foods containing gluten and by association FODMAPS are best avoided (or at least limited to 1 or 2 servings per day).

Read it here

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