Discover How You Can Lose Up To 30 Pounds & Several Inches Off Your Trouble Spots in 90 Days or Less (Like The Success Stories Below) 

You may have seen my fitness column in Saturday's Winnipeg Free Press or you don't know me from a hole in the wall. But I'm here to change all that by offering you a cool opportunity. But, first, a quick trip down memory lane. I remember the moment I hit rock bottom. It was a gym class in 2002 in my senior year at Shaftesbury High School. One of those hand-held body-fat measurement devices was making the rounds. I tried to avoid the test with an extended stay in the bathroom, but I was outed by a classmate. The results told me everything I already knew: I was fat. The reading came up at 36 per cent body fat — the worst score among the guys in the class. That told me I needed to change, but I didn’t know where to start. I dabbled for several years after that, but you know where dabbling gets us: a big, fat nowhere. So, what did I finally do to lose 53 pounds and keep it off going on 16 years now?

I'm excited to share it with you today.  

I stumbled upon a three-part formula that I now use with all my clients.  

I remember the day it all changed. I was still living with my parents, a year removed from high school. 

I was working as a line cook at Grapes on Kenaston and had no real direction in my life, other than a legitimate addiction to video games and junk food.  

I stared at myself in the mirror and got real that morning. I didn’t say I needed to lose a couple pounds. No, I pointed at myself and said, "You’re a fat SOB and this ends now."  

I continued: "The mirror you see every day is going to tell you the truth every time, so why are you still lying to yourself? So you can convince yourself this is OK? It’s not."  

There was nothing healthy or fulfilling about the weight I carried. I knew it and you know it if you’re in the same position or have been in the past.  

There’s no use sugar-coating it. But awareness is not enough. The commitment and action must follow suit.  

With that said, I'm here to give you a chance to transform like I did.  

I’m launching a new program for busy people who want to target belly fat with the Beach Vacay Belly Blast to lose up to 20-30 pounds and TWO pant sizes (yes, let's burn off that belly!).  

So, today only, if you’re ready to lose inches now and not wait for another year to go by, I’d like to invite you to become a founding client.  

This means you’ll get the program, coaching, and support you need to lose the weight for good with a plan to keep it off. 

But here’s the catch: You can only apply until the end of the day because we get started next week with or without you. Life rewards acion takers.  

Also, if you’re accepted as a founding client, you’ll receive a FREE Fat Loss Accelerator jump-start session with me to help accelerate your progress and map out your 60 day goal (usually $250 by itself!).  

Not convinced? Here are a few more success stories from the last coaching intake I did. 

Steven Lyons (a.k.a. Spud) lost 50 pounds, with half of that coin in the first 6 weeks. Spud contacted Calvert online after a friend of his had gone through the Mansformation program, losing 40 pounds himself.

"I’m nearly 50 years old, and I feel like I have an entirely new lease on life. I feel like I’m 30 years old again, maybe even late 20s,” Lyons said. “I’m at the point now where my body and mind are changing in a way I never thought possible.”

Susan was one of those superstar clients that came into the program ready to work. 

The proof is in the pudding. 20 pounds down and a dramatic change in body comp with 6 inches lost (i.e. tone and tighten!)

"People have noticed and complimented me. I love how my arms look! I feel proud of my body now. It’s not perfect but it represents hard work and commitment."

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Some Success Stories (I Want To Showcase Yours Here Soon)

You see, the Bill on the left wasn’t very happy with his weight at over 260 pounds.  

He woke up one morning and realized if he didn’t do something about it, his future was rather bleak.  

But the thing is… Train was pretty typical.  

He had tried other programs without a whole lot to show for it.

We combined a few simple and effective strategies and he lost the belly (and nearly 50 pounds along with it).

Sharon was doing all the right things – getting to the gym regularly and eating healthy foods, but it wasn’t showing in her results.  

The mother of two came to me fed up and ready to commit to a plan and see it through. And, boy, did she commit. The picture tells the story of what 10 weeks of all-in effort looks like, but let’s hear it from her directly anyway 🙂

“Thanks to your coaching and support I feel healthy and fit heading into 2020.  

I bought pants that are two sizes smaller than I've worn in probably 30 years and I have a whole new wardrobe of clothes that fit better and look good.”  

I just finished Mitch Calvert’s program. Prior to joining the program, I was uncomfortable with my looks. I ate a lot of junk food all the time. Long story short, I was lazy and getting hefty. 

As for the bread and butter of it all, I lost 20 pounds and a pant size! But it wasn’t just losses, I’ve gained lots of muscle and even better… my confidence back.

 - Curtis Middleton

Let's Go! 

To review, this is a one-of-a-kind program specifically designed to get you: 

  •  Results lightyears faster than you've ever gotten on your own (see above success stories)  
  •  Empowers you to take control of your health and fitness without living like a hermit or giving up your favourite foods
  •  Gives you access to a top notch coach from anywhere in the world